KWATCO Introduction

We, the Khairat Al-Watan Company ( KWATCO LTD for General Contracting, and Transportation) a company of the Iraqi private sector specialized in implementing different construction, development, mechanical, electrical and oil projects, in addition to public utility projects, import and export. 
As part of its strategic plan; KWATCO has established solid connections and cooperation frameworks with a set of major international companies in the Middle East, Europe, UK and the USA.
Since its inception in 1979; KWATCO has pursued its growth and expansion driven by the organized management and continuous follow-up with our highly experienced engineering, technical and advisory teams of Iraqi, Arab, and foreign nationalities. This has been achieved in compliance with the applicable scientific execution approach with very precise specifications according to international standards. Our team of professionals have the ability to take in modern technology and interact with fast-paced developments in various areas including the development and implementation of layouts, action plans using modern techniques and equipment, heavy and light machinery.
Our workforce comprises of a large number of engineers, technicians, advisors, and skillful workers in mechanical, electrical, architectural, civil engineering, chemical engineering and oil fields, operating in various areas and at different levels.

KWATCO Main Activity

KWATCO has completed numerous projects in different sectors and is specialized in the management of constructional, industrial and electrical power and oil projects, rendering, installation and operation of electricity plants, in addition to civil works in the fields and oil refineries.
Additionally, KWATCO is capable to execute the following :- 
  • Infrastructure projects for cities and roads,
  • Slaying potable water pipes,
  • Establishment of desalination plants of all types, heavy water systems, rainwater drainage systems, irrigation and draining projects.
  • Minor and major dam works,
  • Construction of roads, bridges, vaults, highways and city roads.

We are proud to own a large fleet of equipment, heavy and light machinery in addition to light and heavy public transport machines and in house capabilities. Our team of engineers and surveyors enjoys high experience in all building industry fields. Prior to the implementation of any project; offices, factories, workshops, automations and other relevant facilities will be prepared and equipped with all supplies and gear via the transport and warehouse divisions. This is supported as well by our specialized workforce in the areas of engineering consultations, development of designs, quality control, testing and safety.
We, at the Khairat Al-Watan Company for General Contracting and Transportation, consider our understanding and recognition of the client’s requirements as the key to our success and, we believe in building the foundations for long-term partnership and customer service through catering to all requirements to achieve optimal value. Additionally, we believe in our professional and dynamic workforce that contributes to our position in the market.
Transparency and trust are also two cornerstones that we continuously aim to maintain in our relationships with our partners; including clients, suppliers and employees.

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